Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Further analysis

The last post got some good honest feelings out there and added lots of fuel to the discussion so I might as well continue the discussion of violence in our society.

A couple of letters in the post today echo Suze's comments from the last blog -
letter#1; letter #2.

Suze also got a chance to pose a question on this subject to good old
Sheila Copps on her online chat today.

Is this blog (even with very modest readership) falling into the same trap. As Sheila comments, do we need to see and hear about this violence so we may understand it and begin to address the problem ? Closing our eyes to this horror may be the worst thing we can do.

CBC are covering a related topic on The Fifth Estate in a hour that I think I'll watch. Saving this draft for now...

Report was pretty interesting, surprisingly open, but seemed to be tainted by TV melodrama. Story kept coming back to the problem of troubled kids keeping it on the straight and narrow, being unable to shed troubles of their upbringing and economic plight. Quite a lot of frightening gun show. In an interesting situation, one of the troubled kids (men) was being considered as a community centre worker with his street experience being the primary skill he brought to the job. His buddy was also shown doing some community service work in a school, wearing a Violence Shatters Lives tshirt and a later scene shows him beating up a so-called friend to teach him a lesson. When pushed to explain, he said violence was the only way to show his friend that what he was doing was serious and could get him hurt/killed. It appeared to get thru to the criminal wannabe !

The full story is at:

Other thoughts on J&F -
Troubled community has heart, soul;

[Side note,
Jane and Finch even has a entry in Wikipedia. Actually, every part of Toronto has an entry. Probably, any of anything now has an entry.]

p.s. Bro - was any of this "violence in the 21st century" part of that movie "
A History of Violence" ? If I recall you hated the movie, but maybe it did try to say something ?

Deep thinking wiki-links -
Aestheticization of violence; Media Influence(not verified)

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