Thursday, April 20, 2006

Who said Torontonians can't take a joke

Thanks to my very thoughtful brother-in-law for these funnies. Oh, did I mention he lives in Manitoba, last time I checked, I didn't think they had an NHL team !

The the lonely writer & the silent observer

I heard from a few friends recently who say they read this blog quite often. It's great to know someone is reading this stuff, but it would always be nice to get a little more feedback. It's a odd feeling you get doing a blog thing - the lonely writer ! Sometimes I think I am the only guys that thinks the stuff, or am I only one who is crazy enough to write it down. But maybe it fits my style well - the one way monologue rather than the challenged conversation ! Perhaps that's why people write books or lyrics or magazine articles - no chance for immediate rebuttal !

Perhaps this is just the latest way I can fuel my (bad) habit for quick commentary. I should just let it flow sometimes (with some warning) and resist the urge to edit and euphemize
(I think that's the verb of euphemism - good info here on that juicy word). With the personal and occasional iffy topic, I'm sure that I could get myself into a lot of trouble - but it would probably spur some potent reader comments !

Anyway, food for thought.

Monday, April 17, 2006

When universes collide

Techies only.

You know that really annoying interference noise you get from Blackberrys these days - it usually occurs when data or voice traffic is coming to or from the device, and the device is close to some kind of speaker...

well, get this...

I actually heard it this evening when an ice cream truck drove by !

I'm pretty sure of the sound being blasted by its roof mounted speakers and now must deduct that the local ice cream man has a Blackberry.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Well you definitely pick your friends. And some people are much better at it than others. I must say that I think I'm pretty good a picking friends (and I can hear my mum saying in the background, the same was said by old headmaster from my early school years). Yes, that a compliment to you !

The difference to family is that the thing that bring friends initially together is a common interest. However, if that interest changes over time, it could spell the end for a friendship. Or, the relationship that friends build becomes more important than the past common interest. You just know each other too well, you can help each other out through the tough times and share an inside story every time you get together.

It's quite amazing really, that unrelated individuals, roaming around this big old world of ours, one day bump into one another and quickly recognize a connection. Like Meg says in Sleepless in Seattle, "it's like magic" (but not the kind we think of about love, but a magical feeling you perhaps get that you're not alone with your dreams, your passions, your humour, you've just found someone specifically designed to appreciate them).

Ok, I may been over dramatizing this a little, and of course not all friends are equal and friendships grow and often change over time, but like family, that feeling of comfort and being able to be yourself around true is a always something to cherish.

Friends. Those special people in your life who share, and understand, your highs and lows.

I can't leave this topic without of course touching on a favourite line from a favourite film "
What I'm saying is - and this is not a come-on in any way, shape or form - is that men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way."

Yes, friends change over the years, but without them along the way, great memories would so easily fade and our lives would feel so empty. Isn't one of the greatest gifts we can give and receive is friendship. Friendships are
so fragile and unpredictable, but perhaps that's what makes them special.

And what could be more special, than when family become friends and friends become family.

Photo from the M.I.L.K. Collection -

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Well, that's a big very big topic. But it was suggested by a regular reader earlier today, so I'm just about in the right frame of mind to try and make sense of, let's give it a go [but first a change of music - some mellow electronica].

As they say, you don't pick your family. In-laws ? Well, you kind of pick them ! From Hollywood influence and advice from friends, I think most people have caught on to this one. Have a good look at your spouse's family before you make the commitment. It's true,we are just like our parents ! And looking now to myself and my family, it really is true.

Some of you know my parents and some of you know my in-laws. They are not only close at heart, but are truly part of everything in my life today.
Wow, that's a pretty big statement, maybe I should have written it in caps ?

This is probably a start of a very long posting about family, but I'm trying to tackle the essence...

I'm beginning to dislike a habit I have of writing on this blog based on inspirations from film, however it probably fits here
. I watched a movie last night that twisted on the family connection quite well. It boiled down almost to a spiritual level - the bond of parent to child (well actually, mother to child, but I'm extrapolating here).

So, let me try and wrap my arms around this...

Family. An intense experience with and feeling for people you share intimate connections with, but who are often so different, if you had the disconnected opportunity, people you'd never become friends with.

Think back to your early twenties. A time when most of us were carefree, without spouses and children, who were the people most close to us ? Our friends.

Then...things change. We begin families of our own and we begin to see (again) the importance of family. The extended family becomes an extremely important relationship in our lives and we teach the value of family to our children.

Family will always be there. Good and bad. Hopefully for most of us, good. The connections we share with blood relatives and the extended family do not really falter on differences of opinion or priorities, they last, through thick and thin. They have to, otherwise there are only the people you bump into through life's journey, at school, at work, at the bar. Those relationships seem so fragile and unpredictable compared to that of family.

It takes a pretty serious argument to sever connections with family members, think of how many friendships could withstand the same arguments you've had with family !

Ok, I've rambled long enough. I'm not sure if any of that made sense. Hopefully a few things connected. However my habit of trying to make sweeping grand statements may have pissed off a few friends. Sorry, that's just how I feel right now.


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Keep coming back to the music

All it takes is a little existential observation to see your true passion.

Back here at the keyboard, trying to come up with some deep insights into life...but before the brain synapses start connecting (for me) I need a little music to background the moment.

This is when you think you're some kind of junkie, not of some illegal chemical (or natural) substance, but of your passion. The Music.

I'm happy here. Sitting here, composing some rambling monologue about nothing up to this point, as long as I've got some music groovin' in the background. Pause...need a beer refill...

[just popped downstairs for the rePhil and 'Zan is excited about some change in plot on Survivor, "it's going to change", she says, I say "is it going to have a better soundtrack ?"]

Back to the moment.
Matisyahu is playing right now, you couldn't imagine a more weird mix - orthodox Jewish reggae / dancehall singer...

So, I've watched some decent movies over the last week or so, but I'm finding movies still don't hold up to repetition (for me). And for me, if I can predictably reproduce "the moment", I'm a happy guy. Movies are a great catalyst for "the moment" or "the mood", but they rarely don't work a second time around. Music, well, that's a completely different story.

And it's not just 'cuz it's an audio experience rather than a visual, 'cuz I can watch a musical performance over and over ! I never get tired of a great U2 song replayed from the
fantastic concert DVDs they produce, or sitting back and absorbing a Diana Krall performance, nor can I wait for the DVD of the Coldplay concert from the Toronto appearances last month, and that's why I didn't hesitate picking up the Gorillaz Demon Days live DVD at HMV on the way home tonight.

So, I'm still here listening now to UB40 (keeping with the reggae genre), wondering where to go from here...and I'm beached, for now...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


First, thanks for the all the positive comments and encouragement from friends and family. I'm really pleased with the amount of readers I'm getting. Don't be shy - post a comment if you find a posting is really interesting or you enjoy a band or movie recommendation !

Next, apologies for the lack of posting of late. However, you'll be happy to know I've got quite a lot of ideas for future postings written down, so it's just finding the time (and focus) to publish them (with the right amount of depth).

Here are some of the ideas I have, call it a preview for an upcoming release...

People don't change - however habits can be changed in 21 days !
Charity - who comes first ?
The trouble with books

And of course, all the usual topics, including thought provoking movies, music finds, sports and funny observations.

Hope you'll stay tuned.

p.s. And for the keen readers and technos out there, if you get a little tired of coming here and seeing nothing new, a reminder from many postings ago that there are a number of services that you can use to notify you when a web site changes. The one I use is