Sunday, November 11, 2012

Movie Reviews - October 2012

    We Bought a Zoo
    Highly romanticized version of a very interesting real life story. Kids and animals make it a family movie, but the emotions are quite heavy. Damon and Johansson looked a little out of place, but the chemistry worked, wonderful performances by the youngsters and of course the animals. Interesting soundtrack that Crowe is apparently famous for. Good extras on the BD disc.
    Changeling (2008)
    Based on a true story - and that's why it's terrifying on 2 levels. Superb Oscar nominated performance by Jolie.
    The Cabin in the Woods
    Must see for horror fans. I was surfing around and found it on Rogers on Demand and a quick cross reference with IMDB suggested a 7+ rating with reviews that quickly told of some unusual plot elements. That was enough to give it a chance and I wasn't disappointed. Hugely entertaining, even mixing in comic relief from Jenkins and Witford. But don't worry, lots of horror gore and more. Don't watch the preview - it reveals too much. Loved it.
    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
    Excellent action packed entertainment. Everything worked from the sets and costumes to the plot to the writing and special FX and of course the superb cast. Usual big doses of Downey Jr. comic relief. Loved seeing Mad Men's Harris as Moriarty and the camouflage scenes - very clever.