Saturday, September 20, 2014

Allsright thanks to Elliott

I'm flying home from Texas on American Airlines. A new Airbus aircraft, but configured into economy cramped quarters. Early in the flight I head aft to ask for a cup of hot water for my tea. The flight attendant isn't impressed by my ad-hoc request and says the beverage service will start shortly. I wait (having discarded a horrid latte from my first flight of the morning).

A different flight attendant serves me my hot water, but my miscalculated gesture (in very tight quarters) knocks the entire cup over. I was lucky to be wearing jeans and no electronics were in the splash path. I'm rather wet and not very impressed by AA.

There is a little boy behind me and I've heard a few comments from his parents - keeping him entertained and comfortable for this 2.5 hour flight.

After the beverage service is over, the little boy is walking up the aisle with his mom. But not just to stretch his legs, he begins handing out goodie bags full of candy. He hands out maybe 20 bags, each one with printed note:

I compose a tweet and comment on the very thoughtful gesture to the parents and write this post.

Just when I think my morning was going to be a disappointing end to a successful and relatively enjoyable business trip, Elliott and his parents restore my faith in the good nature of people.