Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Unusual scares

An unusual night.  I woke about shortly after 2am in a bit of a fog.  I got out of bed to go for a pee, but paused at the foot of the bed with a scare.  My eyes weren't working very well yet and I thought I could see a figure sitting next to my wife's side of the bed.  It was white faced and still and I couldn't unscramble my foggy head, nor focus my eyes - was it my wife, one of he kids, a stranger or worse ? A little unbalanced, I fell forward onto the bed onto my wife's legs and gave her a start.  Still foggy, I tried to explain I was having a nightmare, but not really, as I was awake.  She was concerned and worried about by condition.  I said something about the mound of clothes beside the bed looking like a person, to which she dismissed the whole situation with an "oh, please".

(It reminded me a little of the time I scared my Dad half to death when it was just him and I staying in the house.  I heard some creaking in the middle of the night and sat up urgently and said in a very loud and stern voice "who's there".  My Dad answered sheepishly "It's your Dad" and the tension diffused.  Kind of funny in retrospect, but a little scary at the time.)

It took me a while to get back to sleep.

I then had a couple of dreams about ski trips and car rides and the todo of packing the right gear, parking problems, breakfast and traffic.

I later then had a nasty dream about meeting up with my old friend from England. I was traveling to England and my old friend was greeting me with his kids (but not his real kids, incl. a new daughter with the same name as my daughter).  My Mom and Dad were accompanying me and had their own car.  The plan was for us all to visit my friend's mother.  I reminded my parents of the address and location.  But we got separated, I found the street, but a lot had changed. I walked into a house which I thought was my friend's old house and met up with a lady who resembled my friend's mum.  But she didn't understand or recognize me.  I tried to find my way out and met up with a angry stranger who began to come after me.  I got out of the house to find I was in a run down neighbourhood with some rough looking kids milling about.

I woke up.  A rather unsettling night.  Difficult to explain how my mind and subconscious came up with those visions.  Guaranteed, I was extremely fatigued after a hot evening on the ultimate field.  But the only unusual event of the day was meeting my son's girlfriend and her family for the first time earlier in the evening.  I guess there was the right combination of chemistry and thoughts to trigger the nighttime events.

Now I'm up early to wipe away unpleasant visions and begin Canada Day 2014.