Saturday, May 02, 2015

Last night I dreamed: Subbuteo, nails and taxis

I'm amazed how vivid dreams can be in the last minutes of sleep early in the morning.  

A weird collection of dreams.

A dark, cavernous nightclub with thumping music, but big tables of people playing Subbuteo and a Risk-like board game with metal army markers.  On the big screens, they had animated replays of the Subbuteo games.  And the Subbuteo England player headed the ball, how's that possible ?

Confusion on getting a taxi in suburban NY to the airport.  Ended up hopping into an open sided, partially powered by pedalling passengers, yellow taxi carriage.  I was only wearing a light shirt, but a cover up was available to protect me from the elements and cold as we crossed a large bridge.  

I've been doing a porch ceiling renovation with my neighbour and planning on counter-sinking some of nails, before filling and painting.   But in my dream, my neighbour has a very think, barely comprehensible, evil Southern accent.   He informs me with a big threatening grin, I have to counter-sink every single nail since he did the majority of the work. 

Some other faint dream memory of melting snow, my wife and daughter canoeing down a river and I don't have the right footwear.