Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cool stuff (for race fans anyway)

I Just popped downstairs to see some lunch time jazz at Dundas Square...but I think I got the day wrong...but I timed it just right to see a pit contest and promotional session for the American Le Mans Series race happening this weekend at Mosport.

We have plans this weekend, otherwise the event would have jumped to the top of my list of todos (
Speed channel are showing the race). I think I'll try and mark it in the calendar for 2007 though.

This was just a great chance to see some fabulous race cars up close. They had the teams from Dyson Racing (LMP1 class) and Corvette Racing (GT1) there doing pit stop demonstrations and they had our local boy Ron Fellows driving the Corvette in for the pit stop - loud and beautiful. They had a number of other race cars on show, including that wonderful Audi TDI diesel car that I put in this blog back in March - for car lovers.

Now you don't get to see stuff like this if your office is in the burbs. Yoohoo for working downtown in the great city of Toronto.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Final World Cup thoughts

I went kind of quiet there post World Cup didn't I...well I've been hanging on to this picture to post here since the final (I couldn't find a better online version, so this is a scan from the newspaper).

I think the pic sums up the true great thing about the World Cup. I think it clearly shows how wonderful it is to make your dreams come true. You can definitely say the same for the top honours in many sports, but the sheer number of players and fans of football in every corner of the world make this one extra special. You can see it in their faces and you know it's in millions of kids dreams to someday play in the big game and win the World Cup. Who'll be the player names you hear in the school yards now, I'm Tevez, I'm Koller, I'm Cole ?

And what about some of the teams:

England. Typical mix of proud patriotism, a decent talent pool, close calls, bad boys, damaging injuries, heartbreaking disappointments and some beauty goals. Good effort boys. One day (hopefully in my lifetime) we'll get it back.

Italy. Worthy champions. Very entertaining footy and not as sleepy as usual.
France. Great final 3 games and final. Tough loss, missed Z glory.

I've still got the bug, for the first time in a quite a few years, I've signed up for some fall footy her in TO. Nothing too serious, but a chance to apply all tactics and wizardry 've been trying to teach the kids for over 3 years now.

I'll be Pele.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pastime or crime ?

We spent a few days "up North" with my in-laws a few weeks ago. It was truly a Northern Ontario experience, especially since we made the trek to my brother-in-laws remote cottage on Rufus Lake (about 120 Kms from Kapuskasing, 80 kms of which was on dirt road).

Now, I must say I'm quite a man of the world, experienced in many pastimes, sports and cultural events, from skiing in the Canadian Rockies, to playing cider-drunk darts with more drunken lads from Somerset, skateboarding in 15' deep (empty) pools, eating dim-sum, scuba diving after an hour lesson in Barbados, sea kayaking, driving around Marble Arch in London, negotiating the Tube...but I'd never fished ! Actually, I always add an asterisk to that comment, because I do have faint memory of impaling my finger with a hook (now known as a "lure") when I was a wee lad at the "spinny" in Bedworth.

So, me and my 7 year old daughter (who had already been introduced to fishing by her enthusiastic big cousin a few years ago, and so already was far more experienced than me) accepted the offer from my man-of-the-wild, brother-in-law to go fishing when we were up North. And so, a few weeks ago, I went fishing for the first time in my life.

After a few practice casts off the dock, I actually caught a small perch ! Wow, instant gratification ! Then after dinner, we were out on the boat for a long ride out to one of my brother-in-law's favourite spots. Along with the joy of fishing, I must say I felt truly cut off from the populated world, a real feeling of being remote and in the wild - what a great feeling. My daughter was of course, the "reel" star, catching her limit of four good sized (15" plus) pickerel (
walleye). A may not be running out to buy some tackle any time soon, but I definitely began to understand the attraction of fishing. Some good quiet time with family or friends, enjoying the beautiful surroundings, and the challenge of out-smarting a tasty fish (as long as someone else can handle the bait and unhooking the catch - just kidding, I'll do that job next time). Her catch made up most of the fish fry dinner the next night - great stuff !

So, now I'm back in the city with some good fishing tales and what do I see in the
paper last and my daughter may now be targets of PETA. Gimme a break, they're stupid fish for crying out loud, what next insects ? put down that fly swatter mister, easy !

And so ends my fishing story, I caught a massive pike you know, about 20", it got away, but I really did, no kiddin...

More links:

[thank you Ninja Bob for the pic of Rufus Lake on

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A funny old game


Spending a (too) quiet Sunday afternoon watching Tiger murder the field at the PGA Championship. We're praying for the jinx, hex and booga boo gods for some miracles so our boy Mike Weir can make a come back but it's not looking good.

I've played the most ever golf this year - 20 outings, but I can't say the hours (and dollars) spent are making much of a dent in my humble score. I'm still ecstatic if I can get into the 90's. Meanwhile, my 9 year old son is posting better and better numbers and has now beat me fair on 3 occasions. Yes, he's playing from the reds, but that's only fair for a little guy. He shot a 45 a few weeks back at the course up north in
Moonbeam. His CJGA scores are getting better too with a decent 12th place (of 16) this week and only a stroke out of the top ten. Added bonus was that we had Jim McKenny from CityTV caddying (interviewing and filming) one of the other kids on our group.

Time. Always looking for more of it and admittantly (sp) hoping to get more golf in, but after a poor game or seeing Tiger win yet another one, you go - well, I'm not getting those 5 hours back ! But you I am to complain, right !

Got to admit Tiger is good though - a consummate player, cool headed champion and perfectionist.

I've heard a few people say that golf is the ultimate sport - a fine balance of body control and mental concentration and a soulful attitude. Tough competition from your oponents and more importantly yourself. I'm sure there are lots of arguments waiting in the wings here, so I've leave it at that.

Golf. Great game. Looking forward to the glorious optimism of my next tee shot.

Am I still a blogger ?

Just a quick test to see if I can work myself out of a google hole. My bad - I haven't been blogging in a while and it looks like Google may have cancelled/reset my account. I'm having trouble logging in from a few other computers in the house, but seem to have a active connection here ! Weird techie situation and account password reset dilemma. Wish me luck, and I'll hopefully be blogging again shortly.