Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Take a Breath

If we were to time travel, what would we learn?

Simple. From a trip to the past, we’d probably realize how great life is now. From a trip to the future, we wouldn’t have all we love today.

So choose to be happy right here right now. And share that happiness. Or do we always need to empathize with those having more challenges than us. Is it their own doing or are they truly victims of the bad things life throws at us?

Take a breath. Look around. Enjoy the taste and aromas. The touch of material matters. And the sound of music or laughter (or the witty dance of clever dialog).

How much is distracting us? Can it be ignored? A lot and not easily.

That's perhaps why we seek to create perfection around us. We want the purest of views, the most luxurious of fibres, deliciousness in every sip and bite and fragrances that relax or conjure memories. And of course an audio soundtrack that matches our new delight in the new everyday.