Monday, July 07, 2008

Lotsa updates

Tech & toys: I'm keeping the 40GB PS3, a lot less noisy than the 80GB version and loving the free demo downloads and just narrowing down game (MGS4 and Burnout Paradise) and Blue-Ray (Planet Earth) starter choices. We also bought a new Digital SLR last week, a Nikon D80 (allowing us to use our older Nikon lenses). Still doing all the testing, but liking it's fast response, quick access to picture tweaks and great quality images. Still debating whether to post using Flickr or Picasa.

: Coldplay hold on to number one, just. Great sophomore album from the Fratellis almost edging them out. Great single pick: Gabriella Cilmi - "Sweet about me". Looking like I'm heading to the Virgin Festival in September (Sunday w/ Oasis), seeing John Mayer at outdoor venue tonight.

: silly season in footy with lotsa trade rumours, will Ronny leave ManU or Russian super striker Andrei Arshavin swapped into Arsenal for Adebayor. Brilliant international sports on the weekend with the marathon Wimbledon final, a Brit winning the British GP and the start of the Tour de France. Toronto FC looking average, but support still good and strong and coach Carver getting creative. Raptors make interesting trade. Ultimate going well, but away from the action for a few weeks. PJMixer's golf game gone missing, hoping to find it before next week's game at Smuggler's Glen.

Politics and the Economy
: still a little confused on Middle East good guy / bad guy alignment after watching The Kingdom the other night. Is it ok to support Arsenal and wear a jersey that says Fly Emirates ? I'm not very optimistic for African aid and the environment going into the G8 meeting today. My wife has a great summary of top topics in her blog today. Trying not to think about mammoth gasoline bill for summer vacation driving of 2,400 kms, not to mention gas for ski boat. How does oil prices jive against global aid and butter-on-a-hot-summer-day-soft US banking sector versus military funding ? Big questions, sorry if you think you're going to get the answers here !

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