Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goodbye old friend

Goodbye old friend - #222/365 by PJMixer
Goodbye old friend - #222/365, a photo by PJMixer on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
My wife and I said goodbye to our first car. We had put 183,320 kms on this 1993 Mazda 626. Apart from one big dent in her left hip, some scratches and scars, she still looked a nice car when they loaded her on the trailer destined for the crusher. Although the engine and even the original clutch were still good, her brakes were completely gone and there was a nasty loud rattle from her underside. And she needed a little work and encouragement to pass her last emission test. So the cruel fact is - I doubt whether anyone would pay much more than the salage value knowing they'd have to invest at least a grand to get her back in driving condition. How many cars go through their life with only one owner ? We're sad to say goodbye to an old friend.

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Richard Sewell said...

Isn't funny how we assign personalities and feeling s to inanimate objects? I do the same all the time. I still remember dropping off a perfectly good car at the lot when I traded her in.... I can still hear her saying "Hey, what the hell did I do?". You're 626 was a great car, and she is now being chased by dogs in a better place.