Friday, April 27, 2012

Pain in the...feet

I hate shoe shopping.  I just wasted a couple of hours looking for a pair of dress shoes.  The combo of iffy toes, a bum ankle, orthotics and what I like to consider, a decent sense of fashion, but a limited expense account worked against me today.  I had painfully narrowed down my choices working my way through two shoe stores and about a dozen different pairs.  I was close to settling on a pair of Rockports and doing one final test lap which happened to take me by the Eccos.  Hey, why not, let's give those a try (I hear they make a very good shoe), more expensive but looks like they're on sale too.  After another chunk of time I settle on the Eccos (not my first choice of colour, but damn nice looking and comfortable).  At this time I must give credit to sales guy at The Bay, really patient with me and quick to help.  So I decide on the Eccos, go to the checkout and discover they're not on sale !  Argh.  Had enough, heading home empty handed.

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