Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ramblings of the Wanting Part II

Continuing from the saga of Part I, a simple thought came to me as I was walking my dog this rainy, Saturday morning.

I think I'm managing my wants a little better these days, but a couple of big ones are a little harder to shake.  Cameras.  The picture hasn't changed too much, the Nikon D7100 is still the best choice, but hopes are still with one better in the DX line.  Cars.   No change, choices are still all over the map, but I did hear that the Volvo V60 will be available in Canada next year.  I think I'm doing a decent job of recognizing that I'll never be satisfied, and I continue to try and enjoy the wonderful things I do have.

But thinking back to the topic of vacations (I still haven't really had a week+ vacation in a few years), there is a small difference between experiences and material possessions.  You may have heard the insight that people enjoy Fridays more than Sundays.  You're working on Fridays, but the anticipation of the weekend is more powerful than the enjoyment of having Sunday off, where you're already thinking about the work week ahead.  Sidebar: this is why my favourite day of the week is Sunday...of a long weekend !

So here's the new (simple) idea.  Why not align the brain cells and enjoy the anticipation of the new purchase ?  If there's this nagging, back of the brain feeling, that when you finally buy something, the enjoyment will be short lived until a new version of a want materializes - why not simply enjoy the foreplay ?  Dreaming of the day when autofocusing is quicker and more accurate, when I need less light for my photography, or I'm enjoying the comfort of a luxury car, opening the roof and feeling the turbo kick in - ah, that's a nice feeling.

This may work.

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