Sunday, December 08, 2013

Movie Reviews: July - November 2013

Holy Motors

Beautiful. Bizarre. French. Art. Flick.

Never got a chance to watch it again before returning it, pretty fuzzy from 4 months ago. 7/10


Loved looking back to the heights of Hitchcock movie mania - super production and Hopkins' guise. Unfortunately the story wasn't as riveting as a Hitchcock plot. 6/10


Fascinating and tragic story of a man that probably made a significant impact on my life.  7/10

The Place Beyond the Pines

I had to stop the movie to write down some thoughts (watching on Air Canada flight)

Oh what a tangled web we weave. Only flaw was AJ - couldn't connect him, didn't really fit. But otherwise, rich, complex, beautifully acted masterpiece. Raw, real, rugged. Tragic, frightening and glimmers of humanity and hope. Gosling and Dane Dehaan were standouts.  9/10

Great non-baddy.  Humour made it entertaining and took the edge off the violence.  Effects were a bit too much, but still lots of fun.  7/10.

The beauty of imperfection.  Nice near future imagery, well acted and interesting premise.  More in the movie than its thin layer of plot, worth contemplating for a while. 7/10

Difficult subject matter twisted with a superbly crafter plot. Rock solid performance by Washington and a lovely surprise from Reilly.  Goodman's cameos were delightful and provided a little humour and break in the heavy drama.  Thought provoking, but rooted in the beauty of our imperfect human life. 7/10.

Insane, stupid, tasteless - but lots of fun and pretty darn entertaining.  Superb location shots and cameos.  7/10

Wonderful story with passionate performances all around. I'm a little annoyed that it took me so long to see it (and that I missed the exhibit when it was at the AGO). 7/10

Superb dialog delivered beautifully but some top talent.  Very uncomfortable at times, a poor ending, but very entertaining - if you like watching a good fight ! 7/10

All star cast, incl. superb cameos (with one I didn't catch) - lots of really good gags.  Kept me laughing throughout - ridiculous plot bits, but who cares, very entertaining.  Underrated - but I'll give it a solid 7.

Very slow and morose, but complex storytelling and superbly acted by stellar cast.  I can't say I grasped the entire plot but didn't get to watch it again before returning the BluRay rental.  So shocking, unexpected gruesome shots showed the danger of the day.  6/10


Wasn't truly comfortable with the plot - yes, expected some twists and turns, but I wasn't really enjoying the ride, but Boyle made it all come around beautifully.  

Mind bender.  Clever.  Great acting.  Stylish.  7/10

Great extras - what is the online experience of extras ?

Delightful.  Adorable.  Irresistible.  Every shot is B&W photographic art. Amazing how much of a story can be told without dialog.  How much of the story can be told throught body langauge and the eyes. Surprisingly serious and dramatic moments. Wonderful score.  So many different sides to this movie. There are so many elements of this film that are spot on,  Beautiful, top draw entertainment, 5x what I was expecting. Had a smile on my face the whole movie. 9/10.

From the extras - "people don't realize the rise of film was faster than the internet" (approx. 30 years).

So good in many ways - artistically, the performances, the directing, the script, even the soundtrack.  Close to what I expecting from a few skims of reviews and press, but it was much more.   I'm not a huge fan of Cotillard, but I loved her performance and character.   Very rich and rewarding.  Plus superb special fx.  8/10

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