Sunday, January 26, 2014

Movie reviews December 2013 and some forgottens

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Silly and wildly offensive, but still very funny with many LOL moments. Huge cast of top draw comedians.


Before Midnight

Same mesmerizing dialog portrayed by the superb Hawke and Delpy. But much more serious and dramatic than previous instalments. Interesting supporting cast with their fair share of rich lines.


World War Z

Terrifyingly real (for me). Lots of mixed reviews - perhaps too much hype. It was much better than I expected. Superb sfx. Sure, the plot could have been stronger, but the straight up suspense and action were top notch.

Gotta compare to the walking dead. WWZ not as gory, but I thought it was more of a fright. The speed of those WWZ undead was scary.


And some forgotten reviews from months past:

Just Go With It

Very light and silly, but fun for fans of Sandler and Aniston.  I think Swardson's German hilarity beat out Kidman's daft performance.  Sandler and Aniston made a good couple with good doses of humour.  Aniston was simply irresistible.  Good soundtrack too.



I'd had this recorded for quite a while and never found the right time to submit myself to this potentially horrific story.  I watched it on a quiet afternoon and it was much better than I expected. Amazing how gripping it was with its very, very limited cast, sets and scenery.  I was amazed at the quality of the plot contents - superb acting and yes, terrifying.  Very well done and definitely not for everyone.


The Impossible

Horrific and extremely emotional journey. My wife was right - it was a tear fest. Super re-creation that does a terrific job of showing the power and devastation of the deadly force of nature. A real life horror show - frightening, gut wrenching, stomach turning and nerve racking.



Had it all - tech toys were amazing; some romance; great sci-fi plot (although there were a few questionable bits); nicely tied up with a big Cruise bow.  Reminded me quite a lot of the Howey books Wool and Shift.  I think they used the famous Maui mountain Haleakala for some location shots - and I'd coincidently just read about this beautiful location for its photographic reasons.


Witty, aged, very silly in bits, with a few serious scenes, but pretty entertaining.  Fonda, Mathhau and Caine were standouts.


Man on a ledge

A little awkward at times and a few unbelievable plot elements, but great stuff.  Escalates, twists, and surprises.  Very entertaining with solid cast.  Even the closing song was spot on.  I'd heard similar from reviews, but it was much better than I expected.


And yes, I have seen a few of the Oscar nominations, but saving that post until closer to Oscar night. 

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