Saturday, January 09, 2016

#2/52 Grenadier Pond in January, High Park, Toronto

#2/52 Grenadier Pond in January, High Park, Toronto

I liked this location and composition but needed to use all the tricks of my tripod for the low POV and a relatively slow shutter speed.  It took a while to process this one; and I actually thought it may work better in B&W, so I pushed contrast and clarity high.  I used the LR adjustmnent brush and gradulated filter to work the sky, tree line and pond.  I initially worked from the jpeg version, but quite a lot of the sky detail was lost; the RAW version did its job and kept the lovely sky details.  I then reverted back to colour and boosted vibrance to make the best of a very gray day.  The final step was the crop to 6x10.  There's also another version of this shot (handheld, less depth of field, higher POV) with a cute duck in the center of the ice.

Challenge - Landscape: Traditional Landscape

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Kelly said...

Wow - love this pic.