Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Movie reviews - the rest of 2015

Queen of Versailles

Delusional real lifers with a sad story of wealth.  But a few lessons to be learned about perceptions and realities of money.

Fascinating in a car crash kind of way.



A remarkable true adventure story.  I'm not certain why she did, but I'm glad she did.  Brought me to tears at times.  Beautiful production and superb acting by Mia Wasikowska.  I saw the photography book recently and then noticed it on Netflix - just what the doctor ordered.


Mr. Turner

Well produced historic storytelling.  A very interesting man who I felt at times he had quite a modern mind, but one that will forever be a bit of a mystery.   Passionate in many ways, cold hearted at times, and possessing a rich sense of humour.  Untraditional and exceptional.   Slow grunt or a man with the glorious backdrop of his inspiration.



Great music, but surprisingly deep.  Well acted all around with some nice casual relief from supporting cast.  Makes you think.  


American Sniper

Very emotional.  Very intense.  Very real.   Scary good.  Part 1 review on flight.

Part 2 Left me on edge (in a bad way).  I didn't know Chris' story, I was dreading what would happen to him at home (not in Iraq).  I thought the ending wrapped up too quickly and got a little disingenuous.

On Air Canada's seat back screen I couldn't see anything of the sand storm action.

Still a great movie, perhaps worth a second watch from the comfort of home.


Ed Wood

Only saw part of the movie on Air Canada, and it wasn't available on the return flight.  Loved it, very odd as expected, beautifully shot in B&W, great cast and bizarre (hard to believe true) story.


Particle Fever

I wish I'd paid more attention to my physics classes - wow.  Grasped a few bits the first time thru, then re-watched a few sections on the fundamental ideas from the theorists.  A little more understanding, but I'm sure I'll lose my grasp on these mind boggling ideas by morning.  

Yes, the content is cool, but it needs good film makers to get the best out of the story and most importantly, the people.  Very well made.

Beautiful, passionate, real, important, dramatic, joy, sadness - it had it all. 


Wow, that was intense.  Pretty much edge of your seat for a coupe of hours.  Managed to feel very real with superb acting all around.  Hanks' final scene was magnificent.  Amazing how drama like this can punch harder than the extreme violence we so often see.  Well done.  Well made.  Riveting.  

But I think it gave me a headache.  

Amazed about the massive presence by the US Navy for one man.


Lovely melancholy based on a true story.

Wonderful acting showing multi-dimensional aspects of complex characters.

Well produced and filmed 

​Worth watching and thinking about.


Took a chance and was rewarded by an opening track from The Vaccines.  Rather silly at times, but quite harsh and shocking at moments.  I liked it and it played out well.  Read a few reviews and can see where they may be some confusion - I don't think this was a comedy.  

Very sad at times. 


Why can't they make more movies like this.  Excellent plot, well acted and produced.  Amazing how suspenseful it can be with zero violence.  Actually yelled out with the shower scene.  Fantastic job by writer, director and actor Edgerton.


...and the hits keep on coming...

Fascinating story of a place I'd never heard of or knew gave its name to a sound of music.  Massive collection of fantastic music, not without drama and pain.  Beautifully photographed and produced.  Need to watch again with Shazam by my side.

Recommended by a new work colleague after we talked about Rodriguez (who we're seeing this week).  And I'm definitely going to be paying this one forward.


Liked the plot and setting.  But had trouble staying awake.  Remember plot got a little silly, but enjoyed watching it with my daughter.  Clever FX.


Took a few US Netflix visits, but very, very good, as I'd hoped.  Second Chris Evans movie this week.  Superb detailed storytelling, but surprised at level of violence.   Lots more to contemplate.


Into the Woods

Very bizarre.  Unpredictable, fairy tale themed musical with some odd plots shifts.  Entertaining but too long.  Good cast and comedic elements.  


Unfinished Business

Silly but fun, especially if you like Vaughan.  Very adult humour and weird casting, but it kind of worked.


Perhaps a little bit overhyped, so I was expecting a conclusion that was more profound.   But still, highly entertaining and the imitations and voices were bloody hilarious.  


Good drama and enough plot to keep it interesting.   Superb cast assembled by Redford.   Marling was magical again (for me).  As per the IMDB comments - I liked the emotional elements.   Entertaining. 


Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Fun family fun once again.  Cameo by Wilson was brilliant.  Lots of funny bits.  Very entertaining.  


Charming, heartfelt with verses of melancholy.  Connelly and Collins were brilliant.  Lots of scenes to love, and if you like Opera in any way, you'll love it.  But it did feel a little anti-climatic.


Fun if you like Grant and Tormei.  Quite a few good laughs.  Great supporting cast.  Some good tunes.  Not as predictable as I thought.  Entertaining rom-com.  


Not bad.  Good love of mystery and confusion but it tried to be too clever and ended up being a bit of a mess.


Not terrible.  Some good bits.  Only to be viewed if you love these ladies.  Missed the last bit as I had to leave my Air Canada seat.  


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