Monday, December 04, 2017

Thoughts of the day - morning of Monday December 4th, 2017: Big Bangs and hypotheses; U2 and Economics


  1. Reading Dan Brown's Origin - not finished yet, but hitting climax on futurist hypotheses reminding me of Yuval Noah Harari's Home Deus.
  2. U2's performance of American Soul on Saturday Night Live.
  3. Make Me Smart podcast - episode 41 - Do you hear the people sing.  So much to understand, but what to do with the new smarts?

  1. Building on a Flickr group title as the basis of what I'm trying to say - The World Through My Eyes.
  2. Using the Red Pill / Blue Pill concept from The Matrix - do you want to continue to live in this fake world, or do you want to know the truth?
  3. What percentage of people who watch The Big Bang Theory believe in the big bang?

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