Monday, January 21, 2008

The ankle update

I saw my orthopedic surgeon today and I'm happy to say that my ankle is mending quite well. I'm out of the second hard cast and now in a "air boot". This hard plastic boot is removable but is still bulky, but because I have straps that I can adjust, I'm hoping it will be more comfortable once I get used to it. Because I have this stainless steel plate and 7 screws holding my ankle together (and I promised to follow doctor's orders), it doesn't have to be in a cast. However, I cannot put weight on it for at least another 4 weeks. But I can remove the boot to shower and begin some basic physiotherapy. Getting movement going earlier is the best thing to speed up the recovery process ! The pic above shows the position of the plate and the strews - cool stuff eh ! Not sure whether to include the Frankenstein shot of the stitched up wound or not - I'll see what the general consensus is and perhaps provide an update with a pic below or send individually to the horror fans in the crowd.


Richard said...

Oh yeah yeah, I want to see the carnage! Actually, I say that and deep down inside I know I will turn away... but give me the option bro!

Hope you are doing well, we are all thinking of you and hoping your recovery will be speedy. Wish I was closer so we could blow off afternoons playing "Ticket toRide", and drinking Bourbon.


PJMixer said...

I'll send you a few picks a little later. I'm on the mend ok, 3 weeks to go before hopeful ok to start putting weight on it, i.e. hobbling around sans crutches.

re: Ticket to Ride...we can play online if you like ? I think you can get a guest account on

Richard said...

Hey Bro... just registered my guest account so we can start playing asap. I will be home a bunch over the next week working on bids and stuff, so perfect time to get a game under way. I will give you a call to set it up.