Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PJMixer feels a small and modest connection to Eduardo

In case you're not a big sports fan or just focused on the NHL, you may have missed some shocking injury news from England. As it happens, I've been following Arsenal as my new favourite football team this season and one of their key players suffered a horrifying injury on Saturday. The result was a broken fibula and an open dislocation of his left ankle. Trust me, you really don't want to try and find the pictures. Here is the link to the news item without any pictures of the injury.

There is good news that he's out of the hospital and may be fully recovered in 9 months. I guess I'm drawn to this story because of the connection to my injury and ultimately to the wonders of modern health care.

So segue into an update on my ankle. On Monday, I got the okay from my doctor to begin putting weight on it and begin proper physiotherapy - the result since Monday is that I've begun to walk again - yeah ! It actually feels pretty good, although everyone keeps saying "take it easy". I can't help but be excited that I don't need the crutches every time I get up and now I've got a spare hand to carry my beer ! I had a full physio assessment this afternoon and things look very positive. The main issue I have right now is the restricted range of motion, especially when pulling my toes up. My physio guy also confirmed that I did suffer an injury to my
deltoid ligament (micro tear, level 1 severity).

So I'll be having 2 sessions of physio a week for as many as 5 months, but I'm pretty optimistic about that summer ultimate season.

I know some of you love the pics...


Suze said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention that the telecast wouldn't show replays of the injury because it was so ugly.

Richard said...

Ever since Joe Thiesman, I really can't stomach seeing sports injuries any more, and yet the initial response to search for images is so strong... and to think I spent years studying the sublime... hmmm!