Sunday, March 09, 2008

You can't take your eyes off this for a second

I'm been having some difficulties in putting together some deeper blog content, but wanted to share this...

I heard "You can't take your eyes off this for a second" twice this week. It was in the context of watching sport and it's no surprise that with the amount of football I'm watching these days, both occurrences were during football games. I bring this up because I heard the following words from my son recently..."I don't like watching soccer very much because there's not enough scoring". I've been battling with North Americans for yeas about the merits of football, but I find my own son has now caught this affliction.

In some North American sports, you can perhaps apply this saying, maybe in the ninth inning of a world series game or in sudden death overtime in hockey. However, I think that because a football game can often turn so quickly, with one brilliant move or horrible mistake, the sport has a greater element of drama, more often. With the amount of goals, touchdowns, buckets or runs scored in North American sports, it's surprising to suggest that so few memorable events happen.

The other contributing dramatic factor in football right now is the amount of important games being played, with 3 cup championships and going into the last few months of the premier league. The next big, and oftentimes very dramatic sporting event here in North America will be the NCAA Final Four. Lots of opportunity for drama, but who am I kidding, there are so few important points scored until the last 2 minutes of the game ! Yes, the excitement builds as the minutes pass by and it's a good chance to observe highly talented and athletic youngsters show their stuff, but no worries if you miss a few quarters.

So, a quick close and mention of the highlight of the week in my books. Arsenal's defeat of AC Milan in the Champions League. Brilliant game, high drama, constant pressure and the game could turn in seconds.

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