Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why didn't I do this sooner ?

Do you know what this symbol is ? Maybe you've seen it as you've been browsing the net. It is actually the browser feed icon used by Firefox and IE. RSS is probably one of the lesser known tech acronyms out there. I haven't paid much attention to it over the years, but I keep seeing the symbol or the RSS icon everywhere these days. So I'm thinking that it must be truly becoming ubiquitous (a word we love to use in IT), so perhaps now is the right time to leverage it. So being pretty committed to Google tools these days, I quickly found out the Google Reader is a good RSS reader, so I started using it today. Why didn't I do this sooner ? The news that I care about now comes to me ! Brilliant. I'm just getting to understand all the features, but it looks like when I share a source, it becomes publicly available, so ultimately I now have an RSS feed - cool, oh, oh, and this blog may be a feed too (but it may be hidden). I was looking for the feed for Q Music, but the link on their site wasn't working for some reason. But I noticed that the link was going to feedburner, so I went there and whammo, created an account and I was able to create my own RSS feed for Q Music - super cool.

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