Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Americans deserve some good news

Over the last 8 years, they have been poked fun for electing one of the worst presidents of all time. Americans need a break and to gain some international respect.

Of course the big news is that America has elected its first black president. But I think there are other aspects that are important.
Barack Hussein Obama II - there's a lot in that name. For one, I'm not sure if how many (if any) past presidents were first generation Americans (With Obama's father being Kenyan) . Someone asked me the other day if I thought America was ready for a black president. I said yes and my hopes are with many Americans in Obama and his chance to make a difference.

Just looking at some of the international reaction to the news was amazing this morning. It's like the world is sharing in America's joy. It seems ok today to love America and Americans for finally electing someone the world can respect. As one late night host said recently, there's probably some concern that the expectations are unrealistic. I hope we can view his progress with a healthy reality check and recognize the small changes moving forward.

But the sober thought is that he is only one man and the health and fate of America are controlled by many politicians, let's hope that many of them are drinking the Obama Kool-Aid, but some will not share in the enthusiasm for change.

I've heard some secondhand negative comments on Obama from Canadians re: the best president for Canada. I'm waiting on the full report from my west coast political consultant.

Apart from strong republicans, the only other sad folks are probably the comedy writers. The last 8 years have been pretty comical if you have a taste for that kind of humour.

Congratulations America, I'm happy for you guys.


carolyn sewell said...

Thank you Phil. I, too, feel that last night America gained a little bit of it's dignity back. We're still a looong way from being respected fully (and that may never happen), but I'll take what I can get.

Walking the streets of DC last night, after the announcement, was surreal—everyone was clapping and cheering and honking and hugging and crying and laughing. And so were we.

It's been too long since i felt proud of my country. And last night changed that.

Kelly said...

You are so right - our southern cousins deserve this change. A very exciting time!