Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dream life

I just woke up a few minutes ago after a particularly vivid dream. The unusual thing about this dream was that I think I "remembered" and incorporated experiences from other dreams into this latest one. I know this is all sounding pretty weird and I'm trying to type before the dream memory evaporates...

In the dream...
I'm a Dad, same children, same wife, different home. I'm seeing my son off for his school day and he has a project due. He's done a particularly good job and I'm very proud of him and we're arranging lunch plans.

However, I'm in hurry because I have a university project due as well. I've completed the project, but don't feel I've done a great job and perhaps even missed some vital elements of the work. I'm going to the university to hand it in.

But I'm thinking about the other subjects I've been neglecting, especially my math course. I know that I haven't been going to many courses, incl. math and maybe history. I "know" that this has been going on for some time.

My wife returns home and I say that I've got something to talk to her about. My daughter comes in from the other room, curious to what we're talking about. I say this university thing isn't working out and I should give it up. I've got my bachelors degree and a job anyway, why do I need any more education ?
I can still see the house we're living in, the confusing time on the alarm clock in the bedroom - 12:38, the room I had the conversation in with my wife, the side story of a police officer checking bike racks and allowed "parking" times. But I also vividly "remember" the auditorium where I'm taking the math course, and I'm pretty certain I didn't dream that part last night !

The dream as I've told holds many clues to my feelings and experiences in my life today, some clearer than others. And there are some good mysteries in there too.

I have reoccurring dream themes quite often, but I don't recall I dream that "clearly" seemed related to past dream memories. Then again, maybe all this was a new dream - I should have recorded those old ones. On other occasions, I have managed to write down dreams when I first wake up. Sometimes the complex connections and bizarre content make complete sense in your cloudy head - just waking up state, but then when I review what I've written at some later point, the dream doesn't make any sense at all. Maybe that will be the case here and you've got this far, saying - what the hell is he talking about. I'm more awake now and going to make my breakfast.

Good morning.

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