Monday, November 11, 2013

Last night I dreamed: Grenoble Olympics

Disclaimer: it made sense at the time when I was writing this down with sleep still in my eyes

For my wife.

This morning I dreamt about going to the Olympics.  It was in Grenoble.  I was on the ski hill watching ski cross I think, a few skiers fall and they are racing together.  I remember watching a few big jumps, one after the finish line !  I was thinking it was going to be difficult for me to compete as it was all quite new to me.  I was getting ready to compete in the bobsleigh although it was all very new to me.  The village at the base of the hill was very quiet and I was an early arrival.  I remember shuffling through the snow where the end of the bobsleigh run was going to be on this large frozen lake.  I see a large snowplow pull into a garage with other heavy equipment.  The plow almost hits me.  In the garage, all the equipment is in Canada Post livery.  The workers ask about the sport(s) I'm competing in - I say it's all quite new to me.  Back in the hotel room I'm checking out all the electronic connections and contact my wife to ask her to bring a travel AC plug converter.  But my mother-in-law says she won't bring it because my wife is like my mother-in-law - something about airport security.

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