Saturday, April 05, 2014

Last night I dreamed: CNE, NY and icy sidewalks

Disclaimer: it made sense at the time when I was writing this down with sleep still in my eyes

Special preview opening of the CNE.  My wide walks in holding photos and an Ecuadorean race car driver sees his photos and says we should sell/ donate his autograph online.   

I'm in NY and commuting by train and meeting up with my work colleague (LC).   We end up at a restaurant that has a slot car track.   Mom is there and she has two cars on her lane.   On the train, an old friend is wrapping gifts that she stores on the train.   My brother-in-law (RS or GR) comments about new running shoes.   

From my hotel, I hear Blondie outside, I get to the window and she performing for a crowd right outside my window and notices me.    Debbie Harry offers a sexy pose and I ask if I can take some photos.   But the lighting is very difficult and I take loads of shots before I get the lighting and post-processing right.  But I still can't find the best shot.  

I'm trying to find the NY restaurant to meet my work colleague (LC), and there's a guy bugging me trying to make me take his taxi.   

Earlier, I'm in the neighbourhood and the sidewalks are very slippery.   Old neighbour is walking to work and falls down.   I make it home and find a bunch of work people hanging out, incl. DM.  There's a small dog that is looking for attention.   I escape to a room and watch a tv show  - Blondie is performing, Chris from Coldplay is doing a cameo.   My wife comes home and is disappointed I've watched it without her.   It was also some sports game.    

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