Monday, March 31, 2014

Steve and Marilyn

I flew to Los Angeles for business in February.  When I checked in I was assigned a middle seat which I wasn't very happy with, especially with my "restless legs" on long journeys (I've heard that restless leg syndrome is a sign of insanity, hope not).  However I managed to negotiate an aisle seat in the last row designated as the crew seats.  As it turns out, the window and middle seat next to me were claimed by an older couple.  We said our hellos and settled in for the long flight.

Another side note is the disappointment of a faulty headphone jack in my new seat.  One of the pleasures of a long flight on Air Canada is the chance to catch up on some new movies, and I was hoping to watch Rush.  So I was pretty pissed off, but a least comfortable.  But what would you know, the gentleman now seated next to me was now watching Rush. 

After a few hours, a few of us are up and about visiting the washroom and stretching our legs.  With the gentlemen in the aisle I overhear his English accident.  I mention it to his wife sitting in the window seat and we begin a nice long chat.  His name was Steve and his wife was Marilyn.

It turns my seat neighbour was from a small town called Nuneaton which is the next town over from where I grew up in England.  We talked about nearby Coventry where I was born and where my dad worked at Jaguar.  Steve loves cars (he was watching Rush after all), and he told me he owned a Jaguar at one point in his life.  He seems to be more into rarer autos and he mentioned Lee Francis Motors in Coventry - I'll have to ask my Dad about that.

Nice coincidence.

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