Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to be an ambassador for your city

I've had a few blog notes on this topic tucked away for a while, but as it happens, there's been some related items in the news this week about the decline in tourist satisfaction when they visit this fine metropolis.

Here are a few tips on being an ambassador for your city.
  • Know the facts, e.g. Toronto was originally called York and is 174 years old...
  • Relate some special things that you won't find in the tour books
  • Quote book, song and movie references for your city, e.g. Toronto without it's trees is like a hooker without her smile.
  • Have some favourite city stories, e.g. the film set cleanup story
  • Offer assistance to anyone who looks like they're in need of directions
  • Provide good driving instructions, with efficient alternative routes
  • Know best restaurants and bars in most areas of the city, e.g. Shoeless Joes on King West for Toronto FC pre-game pints...
  • Provide a walking tour on demand
  • Know which way you're facing at all times
  • Support your local sports teams
  • And most importantly, be proud of your city

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Suze20TO said...

Here's a related article in The Toronto Star this morning:

Hope the link works. A reporter went to various areas in the city to find out how long it would take for residents to help with directions.