Friday, May 16, 2008

An ingredient of a Lifelong Friendship - The In Joke

For me, one of the most valuable elements of a lifelong friendships is the "in joke". That humourous part of your life you've shared with a friend and one which you'll both remember for the rest of your life. That funny event that you can easily reproduce in your minds eye and one which instantly triggers the laughter button. When the joke re-emerges in the presence of friends in on the joke, the convo track could either take a simple knowing pause or veer into raucous group fits of laughter. But unfortunately, not everyone can share in the joke without a lengthy explanation. The great thing is that new ones are often created, especially with the introduction of new friends, friends with a sense of humour of course !

Here are a few that at least one of you will connect with:
  • There's this guy...
  • There's a teetering mound of crockery...
  • Octopus ? Yes, an octopus...
  • You're bending my tubes
  • Overcome by strong fumes
  • I beg you, make a giraffe sound
  • The media family
  • Not like that, just like that
  • There's a monster...
  • Doctor
  • Would you like a cup of tea darling ?
Please feel free to add those that have escaped me, I'm ready !

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Dink said...

HaHa - if I wasn't in that list - there was going to be trouble!