Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ankle update

Its been 5 months today since my surgery to repair my broken ankle. Last night I played ultimate and it felt the best in has in 5 months. I was actually able to sprint and make a few decent cuts in the second half (although I was still a big defensive liability in the first half). On the hottest June on record (33.1 c, 41 c humidex) we ended up losing 17-15 as the steam / fog was drifting onto the field around 9pm. Maybe the heat loosened me up ! It was very soar afterwards and bugging me a little this morning, but it's put me in a great mood ! Now if only the subway was only running this morning (reporting live from Starbucks with latte in hand waiting for the situation to clear).


Kelly said...

Although I frequently have post-it notes stuck to my computer monitor with comments that I want to make on blog posts, time seems to fly by, quickly making my comments irrelevant (hmmm, sounds like a topic for a blog post). I couldn't let this one go by though - a big congrats on the ankle improvement and personal achievement in the game last night. Glad to see you "boogying" again!

Richard said...

Hey Bro.

Great to hear that your ankle is beginning to support your life style again.... and great to read your optimism regarding the whole thing... Cheers!