Thursday, June 26, 2008

Olé España

Great football game. I have been cheering for Spain since the beginning of the Euro and they didn't disappoint with a fantastic win over the Russian's today. I chose to cheer for Spain primarily because a few of their players play in England, incl. Cesc Fabragas who plays for my favourite team, Arsenal and pretty boy Fernando Torres and Xabi Alonso of Liverpool. I really enjoy watching Fabragas' control of the mid field, his precise passing and fantastic thru-balls. Today, he set up two of Spain's goals with creative subtle touches and precision passing. A few days ago, his sure fire penalty kick secured the win over Italy. I just found this brilliant comment on BBC. Way to go amigo.

I must say I've really enjoyed the Euro thus far and Sunday's final between Germany and Spain hopefully will live up to the billing. Beautiful passionate latin tiki-tika touches versus strong, cool German engineering.

As per previous mention, I'm glad to report I didn't see a lot of fake dives and exaggerated injuries in today's game and the referee really let the game flow.

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