Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Repaired ankle gets to chase young punks at BMO Field

The ankle has been feeling pretty good over the last few weeks and I'm almost back at full speed. The only big restriction is jumping off my right foot, still need some work there. Our [ultimate] team Oxygen Hazard had a match-up last night at BMO Field (yeeha) against the hot, cocky junior team D.I.R.T. These kids (max age 18) have all the moves, fast legs, great athletism and some oversized egos. However, they don't have the experience and can easily get a little flustered when the defensive pressure is on or a quick turnover occurs. We've picked up some solid players this year and it all came together last night for a classic game of veteren experience versus young guns. We won 15-11 on the Toronto FC football pitch (sweet). Yours truly had some memorable plays including a zippy break-force hammer into the end zone for a score. I love this game, too bad I'm missing the next 5-6 games with all kinds of summer vacation and weekend plans. Looking forward to joining back up with the team in August and the run to September playoffs.

Sidenote: I'm proud to say I was the co-designer of the TUC logo above many years ago - the colouring keeps changing, but I'm just happy my artwork is still being used, I should have copyrighted it !


Anonymous said...

Woot! Grats on the win Phil! Victory is always sweet, but beating the odds is somehow sweeter too! Just keep working that ankle to keep it strong and Limber!


Anonymous said...

Always good when veteran saavy beats youthful speed...