Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Free golf - yes, free golf

We enjoyed a great getaway North of the city this past weekend. Part of the weekend was an amazing discovery of a free golf course. Yes, you read that correctly, a free golf course. We found out about the course from a friend who grew up in the area. As you can image our expectations were very low and we had visions of cow pastures, an occasional rough hole in the ground, and perhaps a stick to aim at. What we found was beautifully kept grounds, yardage boards, challenging greens and bunkers and an altogether beautiful experience. There was a donation box on the first tee to which we generously emptied our change draw and helped contribute a little to the grounds keeping costs.

The story goes something like this: local townster begins building a few par 3 golf holes on his property. This grows to more and more holes over the years, but the man is now in his later years. When he passes away he donates his property and the par 3 course to the town. I'm imaging that either the town folk are either supremely generous people or the man wrote some conditional agreement on the donation. Regardless, the town now maintains the course for local families and lucky guests.

A great golf story.

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Richard said...

What a great story, finally something that restores my belief in communities and people!