Friday, August 01, 2008

Fresh (but quickly fading) observations of the city (post vacation)

20 minutes of photographing random people at lunch hour

I wanted to post a few thoughts before I simulate back to my urban life after being away from the city for a couple of weeks.

Large populations will naturally create more variety, however this city's ethnic diversity and tolerance for all tastes in personal fashion, visible social alignment and appearance can make walking down a city street a giddy affair.

Yesterday was my first day back in the office and I found I had a fresh view of the variety of people on the street, every ethnicity, every shape and size, every fashion statement, walking pattern, goddess or geek, the list of the observed differences in people just keeps going on and on and on. I'm finding that this urban visual landscape is extremely full and can be very distracting and tiring.

And of course with the size of a city like Toronto, the sheer number of people on the street, on the subway and in their cars is huge. With all these people (speaking every kind of language) and the infrastructure and services to support it all, also comes one hell of a noise.

Like the huge variety of music I listen to, I'm probably guilty of channel surfing through my day, without stopping and focusing on the best bits. I love having lots of variety in my life, but experiencing a simpler life away from the city for a few weeks, where choice is rather limited has hopefully made me realize that happiness can be found in simple, uncluttered places. Now the trick is filtering out the noise, selecting and then enjoying (a few) simple urban elements.

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