Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

It's a little tricky to write this without being a bit of a SPOILER. So, consider yourself warned if you haven't already seen the movie.

I haven't watched too many serious movies of late, but getting back into the home and work routines after my vacation seemed to warrant a simple, grown-up, serious, movie night.

The movie was captivating. It's not any big secret that the story is about a missing child and of course there is a lot of emotional baggage that accompanies such a heavyweight topic. However, I was ready for it and went along for the ride. Fantastic acting all around, with only one small silly moment that seemed to take away a little from the otherwise brilliant story.

SPOILER WARNING...I think I may have committed too early by saying to myself there's no way I can add this movie to my
Memorable Recent Movies list with such a horrible storyline. However, I've got to take that back. For all the difficult elements in telling in story like this, what wins out in the end is a extremely well-crafted creation of a moment in a life where doing the right thing is a very, very difficult decision to make.



Carolyn said...

I watched that movie by myself Friday night, and thought that it was brilliant. But in the end, what did you think - did the Casey Affleck character make the right choice? I was totally torn at the end, and I still don't know!

PJMixer said...

I think he made the right choice for him. But I hope I'm never faced with making a decision as heavy as that.