Friday, September 12, 2008

But seriously

There are a lot of serious things in the world that I could write about (and I do occasionally).  Yesterday's anniversary of 9/11.  Afghanistan. Canadian and US political elections.  Financial investments and the economy. How many spaces follow a period ? Cyber security and identity theft. My children's education. 3rd world hunger.  

Instead I write about other things. Music. Movies and TV. Sports. Technology and photography.

What does this say about me ? A guy with his head in the sand, simply looking for entertainment ? I don't recall the exact words that I used as the original blog header, but I don't really think I made any promises about setting the world right. I don't really think that my friends enjoy spending time with me because of my political views or my expertise on internet security. I do question my priorities sometimes, but then again, this forum is mostly a personal outlet. Occasionally a news event or serious topic does become front and centre in my life and I want to say something about it.  But often, like today, I'm enjoying sharing some thoughts of good times, when I last had a good laugh with friends, looking forward to a nice dinner and a bottle of wine with the wife tonight, getting a hug from my kids, watching some footy tomorrow morning, finding the right music at the right time, talking photography with my daughter, playing PS3 with my son, planning the next visit with family and friends.  That's what my life is all about.

There are two sayings that perhaps explain why my life is still not in perfect balance:

Life's too short...[verb]...[serious and sensible thing]

When all is said and done, what will I remember most of my life and how will people remember me ?


Fiki's Cafe said...

Hey PJ, I will remember hanging out with you in SF and Toronto, our free minded conversations, good vibes and always looking forward to see you again.


Suze20TO said...

Great post!

Glad I didn't ruin your day with my stress this morning. Sometimes we (I) get caught up with to do lists and worries. It's good to be reminded of what is truly important(which I was this morning when I was looking at the "Here is New York" book of 9/11 photographs) so your post had perfect you were reading my mind.

Also looking forward to having a nice dinner and a bottle of wine with you tonight (yes I did manage to buy groceries today so a nice dinner awaits).