Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Today's fashion faux-pas

On the walk from the subway - two great examples of fashion faux-pas.

Number 1. We all know that you shouldn't really wear sport socks with dress pants (stop laffin' Pete, trousers then). And white sport socks score very high on the international faux-pas scoring charts. But today was a first. No, they weren't white. They were ankle socks. I wear ankle socks for golf and ultimate sometimes, but the guy I saw walking up the stairs from the subway had a pair of black logo ankle socks and dress pants. Leg hair was clearly visible. Lovely.

Number 2. The picture tells K words. I have no idea what this dude was thinking. Short shorts and baggy bunched up cream coloured, wool-like socks (almost like Flashdance leg warmers) with dark dress shoes. I was mesmerized, I followed him for a few blocks trying to get the best possible shot with my crappy Blackberry camera.

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