Friday, September 12, 2008


With a new season of television shows upon us, I thought it would be a good time for a few lists. But before diving into the itemizing and annotating my favourites, perhaps I'll take time to reflect on the medium.

When I was growing up, after kids TV (
Tiswas, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlett), it seemed that my regular TV viewing was variety shows (It's a knockout, Top of the Pops) of some kind, which still haven't gone away and to some degree are ancestors to today's reality shows.

For me, there is a fine balance between the strict serial drama and the casual evening sitcom or the event driven drama. With the strict serial drama (e.g. Lost) the viewer is almost forced to watch every single episode and will be
lost if the first or last episodes are missed. With the sitcom (e.g Seinfeld) or event drama (e.g. House) , no worries, jump right in and enjoy the show (although some characters and relationships develop over the season).


House - a good use for the term becrutchedy, new season starting next week.
Entourage - fun guy stuff, fanastic soundtrack, new season started this week
Top Gear - fab cars, funny hosts, years behind but still loving it

Memorable older TV shows:

The Sopranos - T was arguably one of the most complex TV characers of all time
Dead Like Me - very clever premise and story lines
The Office (UK version) - can you say awkward
Twin Peaks - super serial silliness, great mystery but went very weird in the end
The Young Ones - Brit lad humour that still pops up when some of me mates get together
Blackadder - linguistic comedy at it's best, Shakespeare would have loved it
Seinfeld - the best American TV comedy of all time, a ife time of plots and quotes


Durham County - briliant Canadian and local drama
Dexter - redefining protagonist, Michael C. Hall creates lots of polite after dinner conversation
Six Feet Under - making death entertaining, Michael C, Hall again


Eco said...

Still Following on their returning seasons:

House (Who does not love this anti-hero?!)
Bones (I didn't really get into this series when it started, but started catching up last season and now enjoy the depth of the various characters)
NCIS (Mark Harmon)
LIFE! (I really enjoyed the first 11 episodes. CBS (I think) renewed the contract for 11 moreepisodes just before the writer's strike, so the second half of the first season is just starting now)
The Reaper - A show I just started watching - really quirky cast with Ray Wise (ala Layland Palmer of Twin Peaks) anchors the show.

New Series I'm giving a try to:
Fringe - Maybe someone following the X-Files formula?
My Own Worst Enemy - I've always liked Christian Slater so giving this a try.

Wow! That seems like a lot of PVRing! Trying to keep up with all that AND The Hour, various Private Sessions and Austin City Limits means that my need for a method to record DVR to DVD is really increasing!


PJMixer said...

Thanks for sharing Ec. I'll and The Hour to my list (altogh George sometimes confused me) - I think the new series is starting soon.