Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I had another busy day at work but managed to sit down and have a pint with a colleague late this afternoon at The Irish Embassy pub. I had forgotten my favourite soccer team (Arsenal) were playing a Champions League game today (although I had set the PVR in the morning), so was a little disappointed to walk into the pub and join the game at half time. I talked with my colleague about work for a while but I must say I was a little distracted by the game and shared some running commentary with his gentlemen also sitting at the bar watching the game. When my colleague left to catch his train, I introduced myself and dove into a quick and easy conversation about all things football. Yemi is also an Arsenal fan and we enjoyed the last 10 minutes of the game together and talked about getting together to watch an important match on Sunday.

Simple shot with my kit lens and pop up flash. Original shot included the TV in the background, but I wanted a slightly tighter crop. The Nikon in-camera trim function was a little too aggressive, but no worries, getting in close for people shots never disappoints !

Yemi is #76 in my 100 strangers project.

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