Monday, March 31, 2014

Movie Reviews Oscar Edition 2014

Once again, I'm pleased to say I've managed to see quite a few of the 2014 Oscar nominated movies and performances this year.


Flew by. More of an experience than a movie. Why hasn't it taken 45 years since 2001: A Space Odyssey to get this close to the reality of space in film. No sound. No gravity. Massive challenges and risks. Bullock held it all together masterfully. I've seen a lot of sfx but I can't fathom how they created this complete zero G setting.

12 Years a Slave

Beautiful cinematography
Superb acting ( Fassbender and and were terrific)
Very difficult to watch.  Hardly what you'd call entertaining.
But a very important, horrific historical tale.  To perhaps a similar degree as Schindlers list.

The inhuman treatment of the slaves / no recognition of fellow man - (portrayed not just by the owners and traders, but of the ladies of the plantations as well.   Truly shocking. But what would have done faced with this as a passerby like mr x in the south ?

Heart wrenching, so many negative emotions exercised.   But, survival.  Take nothing for granted.

I didn't hear any gasps I the audience, but many deep breaths (mine included).

Forgot my wallet - any connection ?  Drastic irony, ...



Yes, it was the Joaquin Phoenix show - but I didn't tire of him and the massive breadth of character, mood and emotion - superb performance.  The plot walked a very fine line of believability, but I could only few technical possibilities.  


American Hustle 

Like a superb collection of artistic vignettes.  Captivating characters wrapped around a clever plot.  Fantastic cast and I loved the soundtrack too.  


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