Monday, March 31, 2014

Movie Reviews Q1 2014

The internship

Irresistible if you're a fan of Vaughan and/ or Wilson.  Lots of fun and LOL bits.   Pretty amazing Google allowed it to happen.   A few adult moments perhaps ruins a fun family film moment.   Thumbs up Google.   


Now you see me

A few holes in the plot didn't distract me too much from mystery of the magic.   Pretty unique story with interesting cast.   Lots of fun.  Recommended by and viewed with my daughter.  



I'd seen lots of scenes before from trailers and a past failed Air Canada viewing, and I knew the story a little. But, it was based on the events in 1976, I remember the drivers and Lauda's accident (and comeback), but not the details of that year's championship. Was Hunt that big a playboy, and Lauda, how disagreeable was he really ? Neither drivers will perhaps gain any new fans, but the rivalry, drive and sports drama is magnificent. I'd heard this was perhaps the closet recreation of the world of F1 since the old movie Grand Prix, I would agree. However, I'm not certain of how much was digital effects. The set, cars, and tracks were superbly recreated and it took me back to the simpler years of F1 (before big money from non-traditional places de-humanized the once great sport). 



Very dark and well crafted plot.   Lots of very difficult dramatic elements that crosses a lot of territory.  Scary personal reflection for any father.   What would you do in that horrific scenario ?  Very well acted all around.  


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