Thursday, April 20, 2006

The the lonely writer & the silent observer

I heard from a few friends recently who say they read this blog quite often. It's great to know someone is reading this stuff, but it would always be nice to get a little more feedback. It's a odd feeling you get doing a blog thing - the lonely writer ! Sometimes I think I am the only guys that thinks the stuff, or am I only one who is crazy enough to write it down. But maybe it fits my style well - the one way monologue rather than the challenged conversation ! Perhaps that's why people write books or lyrics or magazine articles - no chance for immediate rebuttal !

Perhaps this is just the latest way I can fuel my (bad) habit for quick commentary. I should just let it flow sometimes (with some warning) and resist the urge to edit and euphemize
(I think that's the verb of euphemism - good info here on that juicy word). With the personal and occasional iffy topic, I'm sure that I could get myself into a lot of trouble - but it would probably spur some potent reader comments !

Anyway, food for thought.


Anonymous said...

...that post should get us all dropping a line or 2 down! I haven't a scooby where you find the time to upload anything, let alone the varied content that you bash out.

I always use the 'too busy' excuse when it comes to answering. But that's often a fib as one of real reasons is that I actually hate typing/writing stuff.

It takes me ages to compose and physically write and all the time I'm reminded that my job description is an IT consultant (I should be able to type like a wizard!)

So, little snips from me only.

Anonymous said...

Ice Cream truck Driver said...

Well, I have to agree with my Cous in the Smoke on this one. First, I am glad you write this stuff down, and keep me entertained on a daily basis, and I really don't have a great excuse for my lack of responses, but I too cite being busy when that isn't exactly true. I think I get a little bit of "performance" anxiety, and feel that my comments must be a very fine recipe of cleverness, insight, sarcasm, and originality, or else I will be robbed of my "Sewell" status. So many of your readers are brilliant, and I might feel a little intimidated... OK.. load of bollocks... I am just lazy I suppose.

One last thing, keep the edit button out of reach, you do your best work without inhabitions, and when you write something utterly inappropriate, you will see a flood of responses I am sure

Anonymous said...

I am one of the mostly silent observers, mostly because it seems redundant to praise or agree with my husband as I love reading what he writes - he always finds a great way to express things (and this goes for cards as well - or the occasional journaling in our photo albums - he should really do this more often).

The other reason, is that I think my comments would pale in comparison (and may not be as interesting or appreciated).

Keep on writing (and that includes the comment writers as I love reading those as well) so perhaps I'm wrong above and should take this advice myself.

Anonymous said...

G'morning. You know me Phil, I'm just a quiet, laid-back type with not much to say....ha! I'm one of your observers that isn't on a daily basis, but read a whole bunch in one sitting. But now that I'm going back to work :o( I have a feeling that maybe this will be my daily ritual: get a coffee, sit at my desk, and see what's new on your blog! Maybe you'll hear more from me now that I'll have 'more time' on my hands! C'mon, who doesn't know that it's WAY MORE WORK to be at home with a baby than be in an office, or construction site!

Anonymous said...

I'm here, I'm reading, and maybe I'll talk back more.

Great seeing you the other night and having a two way conversation.


Anonymous said...

Come on Phil - You're a self actualized guy - Do you need to know who's reading over your shoulder?

I guess you are saying that a one sided conversation is no fun - and since you and that you are looking for feedback from all us silent observers? He He - be careful what you wish for!

Condolences on the Wings loss last night....