Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Drew Carey pumps up the real football on Letterman and other misc. footy bits

Great to see some stateside publicity for the beautiful game (see youtube clip below). Drew happens to be one of America's biggest soccer fans - just look at some of the stuff you can find if you google "drew carey soccer".

Great to see TFC win their first game of the season on Sunday (against Beckham's boys, no less). For me, this comes just in time as Arsenal's premier league and Champion's league hopes were crushed last week. I love that MLS is just starting up as the leagues in Europe wind down - footy year round ! I'm also off to the our footy store shortly to pick some new boots for the lad as he's trying out for his school team this week.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive world football web site, then you may want to check in regularly to ESPN's soccernet. I actually heard about this from my Geordie mate Ashley (actually from Sunderland, and my hairdresser - don't laugh).

Who's your pick for the Champion's League ?

And a fellow blogger that I just found that seems to have a lot to say is jmayers and his "the beautiful game blog". I also just found this interesting (but very biased and "colourful") response to an article about soccer in the US on another "beautiful game" blog.

And finally - odd football item of the week - UW Engineering students add a virtual spark to the pub favourite foosball.

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