Sunday, April 13, 2008

Football commentary

Just watching the LA Galaxy vs TFC footy game and I've got to rant. Not about our poor defense or the constant, ineffective, long balls but the horrible US commentary. Unfortunately, today's game is in LA and there's no Toronto based TV commentary. It's like they forget there's actually a game going on sometimes, with all the "colour commentary", iffy history lessons, and promotional "shout-outs". You just really appreciate the simplicity of a nice bloke's play-by-play commentary.

1-1 at the half, maybe I'll turn the volume down a little and let my son do the commentating.

On a related note, I was gutted about Arsenal's loss to Liverpool in the Champion's league mid-week. The thing that was quite disappointing was that the fantastic run from Walcott that ended with the Gunner's second goal was overshadowed by the final result.

And don't get me started on some dodgy refereeing over the last couple of weeks.


PJMixer said...

TFC ended up winning the game 3-2, first win of the season - yeah !

Anonymous said...

At least they won - You missed out on the worst commentating tend - he tear jerker personal history update - Do we really need to know that xyz player's 5th cousin once removed suffered some debilitating condition as a child blah blah blah. What happen to colour commentary about the GAME?!!!