Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Politically incorrect observations from the foodcourt

Just enjoying my Hero Certified Burger (best burger in food court land) in the TD food court and concourse. Stupid really, because it’s nice enough to eat topside today.

I occasionally stop at this food court for lunch when I can’t make the 8 block walk back to the office without refueling. Perhaps it’s because I grab a seat at the concourse-facing bar that I seem to notice a number of clear patterns in this tangible and palpable rat race:

  • Ethnic defined cliques are just as prominent in the lunch hour business crowd as there are in the school yard. Perhaps related to this is the corollary that even people of similar height seem to team up for their refueling. A perfect distribution across all races.
  • The peacock-like young finance ace is still easy to spot, suite and tie, sharp starched collar, perfect posture with a gait that speaks super confidence. Optional accessories include ear-piece, Blackberry or attractive administrative assistant. Very few sightings of visual minorities in this category. Interestingly, it’s quite difficult to spot the female superstars of high finance with the exception of a few somber toned business suits.
  • There is the occasional sighting of a new “couple”, arm-in-arm, or hand-in-hand – couldn't they pick a more romantic spot than a stroll between Druxy’s Deli and Asian Gourmet ?
  • Why so few boomer specimens - they haven't all retired yet have they ? It can’t be just the food choices or their old fashioned work ethic. It actually feels like I’m average age or maybe, dare I even say, older than most of the passerbys.
  • One child spotted with Dad.
  • Surprisingly not too many people talking on the phone or listening to their iPods – perhaps the lunch hour is the last part of the day that remains true to traditional social behaviour – take a break and simply enjoy the company of your colleagues. That being said, I’m sure there are thousands working thru lunch at their desk.
  • One laptop user – me.
  • Belts laden with Security badges, cellphones and smartphones.
  • Large numbers of Tim Horton’s and Starbucks being taken back to the office as the numbers and noise levels become lower (1:35pm).
  • Here is another occasion where I’m amazed at the simple fact that there are millions of people in this great city that are strangers. I often have a related feeling getting onto the subway in the morning. It is true that I don’t keep the most regular schedule, but even so, I get on the subway at the same station almost every day, I probably step on to the same subway car most days too, and I only rarely glimpse the face of someone familiar. I think I’m going to lose today’s game of sit-here-until-I-see-someone-I-know-game.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for relating the downtown TO view for me - here in the basement.....