Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There are deals to be found (from nice people too)

Ok, not completely a football post, but related...

I had a meeting in the West end of the city today and the office tower I was visiting had a small food court
(yes, the Hero burger didn't disappoint) and a few shops. On the way back to the car, a Man U shirt caught my eye and I stepped inside. It was a very plain looking store, mostly bargain racks and a strange selection of formal ladies attire. But sure enough, they had a few shirts of the world's biggest football teams clearly hanging on display. I saw an Arsenal shirt I've contemplated purchasing and checked the price (expecting to see the usual $110 price tag). All the shirts were $55 ! I made quite a big deal of the bargain with the sales lady who simply stated she doesn't want to be greedy and prefers to sell a good number of them and pocket a decent margin. She buys the shirts for $35. She had sold about 10 yesterday and I'm sure she'll sell a few more in the last few weeks of European football.

If anyone wants to pick up an authentic replica football shirt, pay a visit to Dalia at D&S Boutique in the Sun Life Financial Centre (Bloor and Islington) - say the Arsenal fan sent you !

Apart from saying that great deals can be found (if you keep your eye open), the reason for putting this into words was to acknowledge family-run, small businesses. And especially, those shop owners who are smart enough to have an eye for a hot product and simply what to make some good, fair, and honest money. Dalia provided great, friendly service that left me with a nice little story to tell. Plus I wanted to give her a little free advertising.

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