Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hey PJ, put a record on

I finally got around to adding a new playlist on finetune, hope you like it - Latest rotation of tracks just in time for spring 2008. All over the map with a few old surprises, but common thread comes back to giving you something to move to. To access all my playlists go here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Phil,
Back after a spell away.
Google Reader definitely makes this blog reading thing easier.
Another site to check out is feedhub.com - you tell it what feeds you like, it creates a new feed and starts throwing in other stuff it's guessing you might like. Condensing and introducing at the same time. You can view that new feed through Google Reader as well.

As for tunes, I didn't see mention here of Burial's Untrue or The National's Alligator, two albums I've been playing quite a bit this last year.

PJMixer said...

I downloaded some Burial tracks but I really have to be in the mood to listen to it (late night and headphones). I haven't heard anything from The National's earlier stuff - may have to sample that.