Monday, October 01, 2012

Movie reviews - August 2012

    The Dark Knight Rises
    Who needs Freddy Krueger when you've got a villan like Bane. Really liked the story telling and the grandiose doom plot with its commentary on modern world problems. I saw a few plot twists coming and there were some big gaps, but still loved the supercharged action, the colourful characters and the true comic book larger-than-life, suspension of belief of it all. Highly entertaining.
    To Rome with Love
    If you're a Woody fan, you'll love it. Obtuse, silly, rich, indirect, colourful, tasty, sexy...Lots of unvoiced ideas layered into the beautiful setting of Rome with an odd bunch of mismatched characters. Lots of fun, laughs and a few things to talk about over drinks afterwards.
    It's Complicated
    Streep and Baldwin were perfectly matched, but I I didn't buy into Martin's role until he got silly after smoking up. Fun and awkward at the same time, never quite sure where it's headed, but pretty entertaining.

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