Monday, October 01, 2012

Movie reviews - March 2012

    Moneyball (2011)
    Superb, a perfect story showing the true romance of baseball. Sorry to say I don't recall that special 2002 season, but isn't that what movies are for, to bring attention to special events from history, whether that be important historical events or simply the joy of sport. Perfect cast with Hill's Brand such a fascinating character and Pitt bringing Beane back office baseball to the forefront. Lovely track from the very talented Kerris Dorsey. Best movie of the year, tears in my eyes.
    The Ides of March
    Great plot with heavyweight star power that delivers a fabulous gritty, twisted political drama. Everyone can make a mistake, right ?
    Super 8
    Super 8 (2011)
    Really well done - scary, action packed with some decent human drama. Young actors were superb and added a Spielberg throw-back to ET feeling, but lots more edge and intensity in this sci-fi / horror movie.
    Drive (2011)
    Love the mood, music and cinematography. Unusual telling of edgy crime plot. Should it bug me that serious car focused movies, have characters not wearing seat belts ? Gosling lack of dialog doesn't detract from his star power, casting and acting were superb all around. Unconventional with lots to absorb yourself in.
    Fair Game
    Fair Game (2010)
    Wow. And you thought you had a tough job. Embarrassed to say I (once again) i learned more about important historical events thru a film that the media. Maybe it's because a movie can focus on one element of a story - but does that endanger its integrity ? Who writes the history books these days, the winners or Hollywood ? Superb acting, fascinating story and very powerful drama.
    Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing
    Excellent. Politics and music - ok for Brit punks, but not US country singers ? Great inside view of a the biz - media, touring, recording. But also very personal story that pulls hard on the heart strings just like a good country song should.

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