Monday, October 01, 2012

Movie Reviews - May 2012

    The Expendables
    Just as you'd expect - brainless Stallone dialog; gratuitous violence. Lotsa explosions and some creative knife work. Some average comedic dialog, a few cameos and a predictable plot. But I liked it, entertaining - Stallone style.
    Insidious (2011)
    I kept waiting for something scary, but it never came, In fact the so called horor was almost comical. I'd heard this it was supposed to be pretty good - #FAIL. Worst movie I've seen in a while. Can't fathom the 6.8 and good reviews on IMDB.
    The Hunger Games
    Much better than I expected - I've read the book (and half was thru the second), but the movie is much more dramatic and emotional. I think Jennifer Lawrence does a fantastic job - I was impressed by her acting, but Woody of course stills every scene he's in. To comment on the appropriateness of the PG rating (after reviewing the formal Ontario classifications), the movie should definitely have a 14A rating because of the graphic violence and mature subject matter (note that it was given the appropriate, equivalent PG-13 classification in the US).

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