Monday, October 01, 2012

We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists review

Very interesting doc about Anonymous - the group of 1,000's of online members. Anonymous are mostly Gen Y online members that have developed from a somewhat nerdy subculture. Their actions range from naughty online mischief to civil disobedience, online sit-ins, hacking and a few that have crossed the line into illegal activities. The Anonymous subculture has been branded hacktivism and there is no doubt that they wield a powerful online power. Although the movie does a great job explaining the moral and ethical side of Anonymous, there is definitely a darker side (like the Lulzsec splinter group) to the movement. This darker side, sometimes ignited by agent provocateurs, is what I personally see as very dangerous - powerful online capabilities in the wrong hands could cause enormous damage effecting the public - sometimes seen as collateral damage in the infighting of Anonymous. We better hope that the democratic nature of Anonymous works towards the better good, but can global companies and organizations rely on hope for their security ? As for the moviemaking, I found the detailed content was flying by on occasion, so I felt I was missing important info, but trying to condense the complexities of the people structure of Anonymous, with its twisted history and technical terminology into a couple of hours is a tough job. Overall, very entertaining, eye-opening, educational and great fodder for post-movie discussion.

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